Perez Sports Associates is a full-service player representation agency focusing on professional football.  Perez Sports represents football players in the NFL, CFL and Arena League.

  • About Us

    Perez Sports Associates was founded by brothers John and Bryan Perez and represents a dream turned into reality.  The roots for Perez Sports started when the Perez Brothers were very young.  Football was their life.  It was their passion.   Unfortunately, neither of the Perez Brothers was blessed with enough talent to one day play professionally. […]

  • Active Clients

    Perez Sports Associates is proud of the number of aspiring professional football players that we’ve helped through the years, with many realizing their dreams of achieving an opportunity in the NFL. Our experience spans across all current professional leagues, including the NFL, CFL and AFL.  

  • Services

    Perez Sports Associates offers a full array of services to our clients.  This “umbrella of services” allows for our clients to concentrate on playing football while we concentrate on the business of football. At Perez Sports, we offer the following services: Contract negotiation and review; NFL Preparation Program; Endorsements; Marketing and Public Relations; Wealth management […]

  • Testimonials

    Perez Sports Associates is proud of the reputation we’ve established within the NFL’s decision-making community, its scouts and most importantly, the players. As the following Testimonials confirm, Perez Sports strives to build relationships that last well beyond a player’s career on the gridiron. We view our clients as family.      “Keeping in contact with […]