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about us Perez Sports Associates was founded by brothers John and Bryan Perez and represents a dream turned into reality.  The roots for Perez Sports started when the Perez Brothers were very young.  Football was their life.  It was their passion.  
Unfortunately, neither of the Perez Brothers was blessed with enough talent to one day play professionally. At a very early age, John and Bryan starting formulating their business plan with the ultimate goal of one day representing the best athletes in the world:  professional football players. In accordance with their plan, both brothers attended William Paterson University of New Jersey.  John enjoyed a productive college football career as a starting fullback and team captain.  Bryan spent his time studying film and continuing his education as it pertained to the NFL Draft and player scouting.  The Perez Brothers each acquired the skills necessary to accurately evaluate tape from two perspectives:  As a player and as an evaluator.
They knew, however, that more than just a college degree was needed to offer the best representation to their future clients.  Both brothers attended law school, successfully receiving their Juris Doctor Degree from Quinnipiac University School of Law in Connecticut.  Today, both John and Bryan are licensed and respected attorneys in the State of New Jersey.
John is a Certified Contract Advisor with both the NFLPA and CFLPA and is the Lead Contract Negotiator for Perez Sports.  He has built strong professional relationships with many NFL scouts, personnel, and executives.  As a result, Perez Sports is an agency with established credibility and direct access to the NFL’s decision makers.  John has also served as a guest speaker at the annual FCS and National Bowl in Miami, Florida.
Bryan is a Certified Contract Advisor with the CFLPA and serves as Perez Sports’ Director of Player Scouting.  He is responsible for the evaluation of all Perez Sports’ prospective clients.  His background includes serving as a regional scout for a CFL franchise and is the founder of FRG Scouting, a website dedicated to the evaluation of prospects for the NFL Draft.  He is currently the co-owner of DraftBreakdown.com, a leading voice in the NFL Draft industry.  He has been interviewed by major media outlets like Sports Illustrated, NBC Sports Radio, “The Score” in Chicago, and numerous podcasts.  Bryan has been scouting college prospects for nearly 20 years and has gained respect from NFL scouts and high-ranking personnel executives.
Perez Sports’ philosophy is very simple:  Represent good, hard-working, honest people and good things will happen.  As the Testimonials page attests, Perez Sports approaches every situation with honesty, integrity, and commitment and seeks clients who have the same traits and qualities.  Perez Sports conducts a thorough on and off-the-field analysis of each prospective client to ensure that they have the necessary work ethic and character to succeed in professional football. Perez Sports’ mission is simple:  To turn each client’s dream of playing professional football into a reality. aboutus2