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Endorsements, Marketing, and Public Relations

At Perez Sports, we actively market our clients and seek endorsement opportunities as a means to generate additional income. We work tirelessly to match any endorsement opportunity with each of our clients’ individual interests, personality, and values. We
negotiate all endorsement deals with the same due diligence and professionalism that we utilize when negotiating a NFL contract.
At Perez Sports, we pursue marketing opportunities such as:
■ speaking engagements;
■ promotions;
■ product endorsement;
■ television, radio, and internet appearances;
■ autograph signings; and
■ interviews.
At all times in our clients’ careers, we strive to attain a positive public image. At Perez  Sports, we:
■ issue press releases regarding “good news” about our clients to target areas such as
their hometown, in the city where they play, and any other relevant markets; and
■ minimize any “bad news.”