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Perez Sports Associates is proud of the reputation we’ve established within the NFL’s decision-making community, its scouts and most importantly, the players. As the following Testimonials confirm, Perez Sports strives to build relationships that last well beyond a player’s career on the gridiron. We view our clients as family.



 “Keeping in contact with John Perez in the months leading up to the NFL Draft proved to be an agreeable experience for anyone in personnel. His knowledge and ability are second only to his quest for providing his players with successful representation.”


Eliot Wolf, Director of Football Operations, Green Bay Packers

“My experience with Perez Sports has been absolutely amazing and I am truly thankful to God for this introduction. From the minute I signed with Perez Sports, John went to work marketing me to numerous professional teams in the United States and Canada, mainly the NFL. Through their vast array of NFL connections, I was able to get a private workout for over 21 NFL scouts, including the Packers, Raiders, Cowboys, Patriots and Giants just to name a few.
Through this workout and the subsequent work John Perez did contacting these various NFL teams, I went from being a completely unknown NFL prospect to being on nearly every NFL teams’ radar. This has led to legitimate interest from various NFL teams including the Green Bay Packers, Oakland Raiders and Dallas Cowboys. It has been through the grace of God and the tireless work John Perez has done for me that has led me to these opportunities. I am forever thankful for our connection, and plan on being with Perez Sports Associates for my entire athletic career.”
Jamize Olawale, Fullback, Oakland Raiders (2012 – present)

franks“Perez Sports has been a tremendous asset in getting to where I am today.  Their hard work and dedication shows in their actions.  Their knowledge of the process and their ability to find talent in the smallest of places I believe to be second to none.  They have a great family attitude to how they perform their business and once you are a client they treat as one of their own.  I am extremely happy to have them representing me and look forward to the further successes both of us will garner.”
Andrew Franks, Kicker, Miami Dolphins (2015 – present)



“Perez Sports Associates takes a unique approach in dealing with the business of professional football.  They are a family-oriented agency and have been exceptional throughout the entire process.  They have provided me guidance on and off the field to help take the weight off all that comes with being a rookie in the NFL.  The relationship that my family and I have developed with John and Bryan is one that I believe will last long after football.”
Hakeem Valles, Tight End, Arizona Cardinals (2016 – present)



“I could not have asked for a better experience working with John and Perez Sports Associates. He got me into an NFL camp and has continued to fight for me since day one.  Everything is handled in a timely manner and first class.  He has stuck with me through the good and the bad, along with being healthy and being hurt.  Again, I cannot say enough about John and his team.”
Kyle Steuck, Offensive Lineman, Green Bay Packers (2016)




“My experience with Perez Sports Associates has been great!  They are trustworthy, credible, and hardworking.”
Marcus Tucker, Wide Receiver, Pittsburgh Steelers (2016 – present)



ceresna2“I met John in Miami, Florida at the 2015 National Bowl’s ‘Athletes and Agents Conference’ and from that moment I could tell that he stood out from the rest of the agents I had talked to.  John and I developed our relationship in trust and honesty.  He helped set me up for success through my entire process.  I know that under his guidance as an agent I am on the proper path for success and will get the best possible opportunities to play at the professional level.  
John got to know me as a person and helped me set up goals to achieve and a timeline of events that need to occur to put me in the best possible situation for success.  From the National Bowl to the Kansas City Chiefs’ Rookie Mini-Camp to signing with the CFL’s Ottawa REDBLACKS and then signing with the New York Jets, John has been there and represented me as a client and a friend through the entire process.
Any athlete that is serious about pursuing a professional career in football, John is the best agent to have.  He will guide you through the necessary steps and opportunities to get looks at the next level.  He will also give you the best advice and always support you.  I wouldn’t want anyone else to represent me than John Perez.”
Jake Ceresna, Defensive Lineman, New York Jets (2016)

“Working with Perez Sports has been a great experience.  John Perez has done a great job finding opportunities for me.  He has been especially helpful by giving me insight and keeping me informed on what to expect whether it is meeting with team representatives, preparing for pro days, or going to tryouts and minicamps.”
Brent Wahle, Kicker, Cleveland Browns (2016)




“John and Bryan Perez possess many of the qualities that I emphasize to my student-athletes. They have a strong moral fiber, a tremendous passion for football, and a relentless work ethic. The dedication and perseverance they demonstrate to their clients is second to none. I cannot say that I am surprised. As John’s former college teammate, I witnessed the determination and passion he had for football and knew those qualities would make him successful in life. I highly recommend Perez Sports Associates with the utmost confidence.”
Eric Mele, Special Teams Coordinator, Washington State University


peacock“The process of choosing an agent is very stressful. You have to pick someone that you’ve never met before and trust him with your future career. I am so happy with my decision to go with John Perez. John has supported and guided me through this very stressful process of transitioning from college to the NFL. My number one characteristic that I looked for in an agent was being a great communicator. There hasn’t been one time when I couldn’t get in contact with John. He has always been available to answer any questions that I have or just to give me tips or advice no matter what time or day it is. John is the ultimate professional and I am beyond satisfied to have him representing me.”
Andrew Peacock, Wide Receiver, Detroit Lions (2014 – 2015)


“I have been truly impressed with the support I have received from John Perez as well as his brother, Bryan. They have gained my trust and respect by their care for me, my family, and my career. In my transition from my senior season to my pro-day, training camp and beyond, John has excelled as a professional advisor, mentor and agent.
Coming from a FCS school, John was able to establish interest in me with scouts by way of Perez Sports Associates’ many connections and marketing tools such as a highlight video and website that was easily accessible to all NFL and CFL teams. I could not have chosen people with higher character and I look forward to my future with Perez Sports.”
Luke Tasker, Wide Receiver, Hamilton Tiger-Cats (2013 – present)



“I’ve had a great experience working with Perez Sports Associates. They have been there for me whenever I needed to talk and ask questions. John has put in a lot of hours for me and has come through doing his work with scouts and coaches. John takes his work seriously and will do what he can for his clients. He knows a lot of what’s going on is this industry, and I can’t thank him enough for what he has done for me.”
Jace Daniels, OL, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2014 – 2016)


zac “My experience with John Perez has been great! Starting from a small school, I didn’t have any exposure coming out. Thanks to Perez Sports, I was able to get my looks and the exposure I needed to get to the next level. John isn’t like many agents signing up as many clients as possible. He had me send in my film and talked with me about my career and personal life so that he could evaluate the type of person and player I was. This process let me know that Perez Sports only represented players with drive and character not just anyone with wishful thinking.  John was with me every step of the way through the ups and downs.
When times looked doubtful, John reached out to me and inspired me to not give up and that opportunity is always around the corner. Sure enough my time had come and John was 100% with me the whole way. I am very grateful that John and Perez Sports took me on and helped me achieve what would be nearly impossible on my own. I can’t say enough good things about John and this agency!”
Zach Anderson, Defensive Tackle, Winnipeg Blue Bombers (2013 – 2016)


brackett“Working with Perez Sports Associates has been instrumental to reach my dreams of playing professional football. Without John’s hard work, dedication, and connections in the NFL, CFL, and AFL, that dream would have been impossible. John is honest, straightforward, and always tells it like it is. He has enormous knowledge of the ins and outs of this business and his professionalism is second to none. John has been a vital resource throughout the journey from Pro Day, free agent tryouts, and signing a contract. In my opinion, there is not a better agent or advisor in the business. I cannot thank John enough for all of his work and look forward to a bright future with Perez Sports.”
Sean Brackett, Quarterback, Jacksonville Sharks (2015 – 2016)


clay“Having Perez Sports Associates represent me was the largest factor which allowed me a chance to pursue my dream of making it to the NFL. I had the desire and was willing to do whatever it took to reach that goal, and I knew right away that after speaking with John Perez the first time that he was going to outwork anyone I could find and help me achieve my dream. Coming out of the University of Hawaii, I had the odds stacked against me with a diverse and challenged career. John and his brother, Bryan Perez, reviewed my tape and they knew I had what it took to play in the NFL. They knew the outline for what I had to achieve during my Pro Day and suggested other venues to showcase my athleticism such as the NFL’s Regional Combine in Seattle. They outlined goal numbers and times to hit during both occasions and provided me motivation in the months leading up to my events.
During the time leading up to my Pro Day, John had already sparked interest from the NFL and CFL through highlight films and game tapes Perez Sports had created for me and posted on my own custom website. The buzz he helped create for me and his updates on his contact with NFL and CFL teams kept me motivated beyond belief. He kept me believing that as long as I worked hard and provided the stats he outlined I could make it regardless of how far fetched it seemed. After I performed my Pro Day and Regional Combine, I was invited to the NFL’s Super Regional Combine in Detroit where I showcased my athleticism in front of all 32 NFL teams. By that time, John had me on the radar of many NFL and CFL teams who said they would be interested in bringing me into their organization.
After Draft Day, he was in contact with the Green Bay Packers who invited me to their Rookie Mini-Camp on a tryout basis. John explained that that was exactly what a player with my athleticism and the less than stellar college career needed. He told me if I can go to that Rookie Mini-Camp and play like I always do and not try to be someone I’m not, I have a huge chance of making it. Sure enough after the two-day camp, I was signed to a three-year contract with the Green Bay Packers.
I tell John every time I talk with him “thank you for everything” because without his hard work, dedication and belief in me as a person and an athlete, I truly do not know where I would be today. Myself as well as my family would recommend Perez Sports Associates to anyone with a dream for the NFL and is willing to do whatever it takes through hard work and determination.”
Charles Clay, DB, Green Bay Packers (2014)

“I came to know John and Bryan of Perez Sports Associates from a few guys I played with in college.  They came very highly recommended.  From the first call I had with John, I knew I was in good hands.  He was professional and to the point, yet he truly wanted to get to know me as a person as well as a football player.
John has played a huge role in my success thus far.  He has done a great job of getting me into pro days and camps.  He pushes and encourages me to make the most of every opportunity I get.  He has done a great job of marketing me and getting my name out there to all the teams.  They did a great job making a clean and professional website for me as well.
I would highly recommend using Perez Sports Associates to represent you.  I have nothing but good things to say about how they go about their business.  John has been easy to communicate with and he is always willing to answer any questions I have.  I genuinely look forward to continuing to work with Perez Sports Associates in the future.”  
Trevor Kruzel, Long Snapper, Detroit Lions (2015)


chadandersonkiss“I was referred to Perez Sports via my Brother Zach Anderson (CFL’s Winnipeg Blue Bombers) and good friend Jace Daniels (Tampa Bay Buccaneers), who both are playing professional football. With Perez Sports’ hard work, dedication and contacts, I was able to get signed by the AFL’s LA KISS where I played in two games before being signed by the Indianapolis Colts as an Undrafted Rookie Free Agent. I attended Colts’ training camp and played in one preseason game before being placed on waivers. However, within days, I was back on a plane headed to play in the CFL for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. This has turned out to be a gift and dream come true because I am now able to play professionally on the same team as my older brother, Zach. My family can attend some of our games without much travel expense going in separate ways. I would recommend anyone looking to play professional football to contact Perez Sports Associates. John and Bryan will give you honest answers and help you get the exposure you need to play at the next level.”
Chad Anderson, Offensive Lineman, Indianapolis Colts (2014)

Dashawn Johnson Head Shot

“I have to say I am very thankful to Perez Sports Associates. John has helped and guided me to where I am today. He is a man of is his word; everything he said he will do he has done. All I asked for was for him to get my name out so I can be seen and he has done that. From day one he has been upfront with me telling me all the things I wanted to hear and the things I did not want to hear. I felt that it was good because he was not just feeding me the B.S., he kept everything straight forward and that’s what I liked the most. I have to say I am very pleased call John Perez my agent.”
Dashawn Johnson, Offensive Lineman, Cleveland Gladiators (2015)



“John Perez has been the most helpful resource and I don’t know where I would be without him. He has worked tirelessly to help me get to the next level in my athletic career despite the fact that I was coming from a small Division III school with the odds against me. Thanks to his due diligence, I was able to get looked at by a number of NFL teams that eventually gave me a shot to showcase my skills.
Beyond his extreme professionalism and support for my football career, John has also been encouraging of my academic career. Without John’s and Perez Sports’ dedication and belief in me, I wouldn’t have been able to make it happen and I couldn’t be any more thankful for the experience.”
Mike Asiedu, Linebacker, Carolina Panthers (2012)


DJ“My experience with Bryan and John Perez has been nothing less than excellent. They have been with me through both the highs and the lows of my career and have always been completely open and honest with me. The Perez brothers have been very thorough in each and every challenge we have faced and this is very important to me. I would definitely recommend them to any football player seeking representation from an honest and hard-working agency. I can guarantee you will be extremely satisfied with the decision to go with Perez Sports because you will not find two guys who will work any harder than Bryan and John!”
Dominique Johnson, Wide Receiver, Minnesota Vikings (2011)


 blohm“Perez Sports’ representation is of the highest quality. Perez Sports’ two main characteristics are professionalism and personal attention. John and Bryan both know the business, have the connections necessary for success, and work extremely hard. Additionally, their commitment to a family atmosphere is sincere and they did a great job of including my parents. Athletes can rest assured John and Bryan will be tireless in their representation.”
Chris Blohm, Tight End, San Francisco 49ers (2011)



benshoof“I couldn’t be happier with my time and experience with John. Since day one, he has been completely honest with me and upfront about everything we have gone through. Without him I don’t see myself getting to where I am today. He will go all out for you and make the relationship very personal like he is part of the family. The sky is the limit with him by my side and I’m excited to see where this will go.”
Ben Benshoof, Tackle, New York Giants (2010)



brehm“Perez Sports Associates is a first-class football agency. Any football player looking to take his career to the next level would benefit by having these guys on your side. John and Bryan are available anytime to help you make rational decisions during very uncertain times. Every football player knows how important and helpful it is to have someone on your side with these characteristics.”
Josh Brehm, Quarterback, Detroit Lions (2007)



hayes“Perez Sports has earned the respect and trust from me and my family. John Perez told me everything that would happen in the NFL Draft process, from the Texas v. The Nation All-Star Game, to my Pro Days, to the Draft itself. John never pointed me in the wrong direction. If you’re looking for an agency to represent you, Perez Sports is the way to go.”
Anthony Hayes, Defensive Back, Washington Redskins (2007)



Bell“Perez Sports consists of two very good individuals, John and Bryan Perez. Ever since day one, John and Bryan have been straight shooters with me, never any false promises or lies. During the recruiting process, John came to my school and met with me and my head coach, Mike Cragg. After the meeting, I had a good feeling about where my career was headed. It was obvious that signing with Perez Sports was the way to go and was the right decision.”
Alex Bell, Guard, New York Giants (2005)



marco“I would first like to thank John Perez for all his hard work and constant perseverance representing me. Coming out of Montclair State University, I met with several agents and after reviewing all the information provided, it was clear that Perez Sports was the right choice. They are reliable, straight forward, and show great dedication to all their clients.
When I first met with John, he promised me one thing and one thing only: “No stones will be left unturned;” he has clearly kept his promise. Thanks to Perez Sports I have signed my first professional football contract, and I look forward to a bright future together.”
Marco Capozzoli, Kicker, Jacksonville Sharks (2010-2013, 2016)


Hughley Head Shot“Perez Sports is a very professional organization helping elite football players achieve their dreams. As an AFL veteran, I achieved many team and personal goals, but Perez Sports is opening my eyes and presenting opportunities to reach further. The one thing that I respect and appreciate is the professional, fast-paced response and rapport that they have with their clients. They work diligently to present opportunities that are beneficial for individuals and their families!
Not only does Perez Sports care for your success, but more importantly wants success for you outside of football. They want to know the goals and mind set of an athlete to discover if they’re goal oriented, mentally strong, and passionate about family, life and, of course, football. I’m very happy with my decision to be part of Perez Sports and looking forward to great times to come!”
Jeff Hughley, Wide Receiver & Kick Returner
Tulsa Talons, Jacksonville Sharks & Philadelphia Soul (2010 – 2013)


sakeen“Perez Sports has been a great experience and the opening of a new beginning for my football career. John and Bryan Perez have proven to be hard workers, loyal and honest.  Coming out of Rowan, a Division III school, I was not sure of my future playing professional football. But, Perez Sports believed in me and helped me secure an AFL contract with the Austin Wranglers in 2007.  I feel we have constructed a building with a strong foundation and where it ends was not included in the blueprints. I want to thank Perez Sports for believing in me and let them know that I back them 100 percent.”
Sakeen Wright, Wide Receiver/Jack Linebacker
Austin Wranglers & Cleveland Gladiators (2007 – 2008)


peavy“I have known the Perez family since the late 1990s. As lawyers, it has always been both brothers’ dream to represent professional football payers. They are hard working, honest, and loyal.  I personally coached John when I was the head football coach at William Paterson University. I tell you this because we learn a lot about people when they are under duress. As an athlete in game situations, John was always prepared. He was like few others in his dedication to be the best he could be.
His honesty and his natural leadership will translate to the clients he represents, the families of those who have entrusted him to represent their son, and to the owners who will try to cut a player’s value down to a league minimum contract.
The Perez brothers will not sell you out! Looking back at my career, I could only wish so many former athletes were represented by agents with the Perez brothers’ integrity. Those former athletes would be in a much better position in life today if they had chosen their agent more carefully. As a former player, I can tell you of the countless stories of players being ripped off by their agents and the investments they were swindled into.
With the Perez brothers, I can promise you honesty, integrity, and a relationship that will last beyond your playing days.”
Jack Peavey, former offensive lineman with the New England Patriots and Denver Broncos and current Assistant Athletic Director at Oklahoma Baptist University